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H.I.S.S. v5

Filed under: G.I. Joe Pursuit of Cobra - Pursuit of Cobra Vehicles

H.I.S.S. v5 Figure Data

H.I.S.S. v5 Images

  • POC-Cobra-HISS-Tank H.I.S.S. v5
  • POC-Cobra-HISS-Tank-Packaging H.I.S.S. v5
  • POC-HISS-BLACK-01 H.I.S.S. v5
  • POC-HISS-BLACK-02 H.I.S.S. v5
  • POC-HISS-BLACK-03 H.I.S.S. v5
  • POC-HISS-BLACK-04 H.I.S.S. v5
  • POC-HISS-BLACK-05 H.I.S.S. v5
  • POC-HISS-BLACK-06 H.I.S.S. v5
  • POC-HISS-BLACK-07 H.I.S.S. v5
  • POC-HISS-BLACK-08 H.I.S.S. v5
  • POC-HISS-BLACK-09 H.I.S.S. v5
  • POC-HISS-BLACK-10 H.I.S.S. v5
  • POC-HISS-BLACK-11 H.I.S.S. v5
  • POC-HISS-BLACK-12 H.I.S.S. v5
  • POC-HISS-BLACK-13 H.I.S.S. v5
  • POC-HISS-BLACK-14 H.I.S.S. v5
  • POC-HISS-BLACK-25 H.I.S.S. v5
Snake Eyes 12-inch Figure

H.I.S.S. v5 File Card Data

As the desert battle unfolds, COBRA unleashes its devastating new weapon – the COBRA H.I.S.S. Tank! The chassis elevates and rotates 360 degrees, to expand visual range and shut down any surprise attacks. Extreme-terrain treads speed over the roughest ground, as the tank punctuates its message of destruction with an explosive blast from its pulse cannon!

COBRA H.I.S.S. Tank Drivers are the most highly trained and aggressive drivers in the COBRA ranks. They have to be: they’re at the controls of one of the most sophisticated and destructive ground weapons in the world. They unleash the full force of this new weapon in the desert battle against the G.I. JOE team.

H.I.S.S. v5 Version History

Something evil is rolling in: this COBRA H.I.S.S. Tank vehicle! “Driven” by your villainous COBRA H.I.S.S. Tank Driver figure in the opening cockpit, this vehicle packs even more punch than your standard “tank”. When the enemy is in sight, have your driver figure deploy his interchangeable weapon accessories — a spinning gatling gun accessory and a firing “cannon”! The moving and working treads can take your vehicle to an even better position, where you can elevate it to its 360-degree attack position! In a “heavy-duty” battle, this COBRA H.I.S.S. Tank vehicle is going to be hard to defeat. Start the showdown and decide who wins!

H.I.S.S. v5 Figure Info

Includes Cobra H.I.S.S. Tank Driver figure.

H.I.S.S. v5 Accessories Info

Comes with gun belt, modular cannon, and modular missle launcher.

H.I.S.S. v5 Variants Info

The Cobra H.I.S.S. tank was originally released in a brown color. The tank was later released in all black but was difficult to find, mostly being spotted at discount retailers like ROSS.

H.I.S.S. v5 Additional Info

G.I.JOE is the code name for a special operations unit of highly trained men and women. Their purpose is to defend the world against COBRA, a ruthless organization with criminal tentacles in every nation on earth.

Contributors: Tony_Bacala, DESTRO, Shin Densetsu, C.I.A.D.

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