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Quick Kick

Filed under: G.I. Joe Pursuit of Cobra - Pursuit of Cobra G.I. Joe Figures

Quick Kick Figure Data

Quick Kick Images

  • 001Quick-Kick-POC Quick Kick
  • 002Quick-Kick-POC Quick Kick
  • 003Quick-Kick-POC Quick Kick
  • 004Quick-Kick-POC Quick Kick
  • 005Quick-Kick-POC Quick Kick
  • 006Quick-Kick-POC Quick Kick
  • 007Quick-Kick-POC Quick Kick
  • 008Quick-Kick-POC Quick Kick
  • 009Quick-Kick-POC Quick Kick
  • 010Quick-Kick-POC Quick Kick
  • 011Quick-Kick-POC Quick Kick
  • 012Quick-Kick-POC Quick Kick
  • 013Quick-Kick-POC Quick Kick
  • 014Quick-Kick-POC Quick Kick
  • Quick-Kick Quick Kick
  • Quick-Kick-TRU Quick Kick
Snake Eyes 12-inch Figure

Quick Kick File Card Data



QUICK KICK is a martial arts expert on the G.I.JOE team. Naturally gifted and a quick learner, he has mastered several fighting arts systems including Tae Kwan Do, Goju-Ryu, Southern Praying Mantis, Tai Chi Sword and Wing Chun. He battles COBRA ninjas who attack the team as they search for a new COBRA weapon somewhere in an Asian city.

Name: Macarthur S. Ito

Serial Number: 631-42-MS71

Grade: E-4 (Specialist)

Mission Equipment: Hand-Forged Carbon Steel Katana Sword

Quick Kick Version History


The G.I.JOE team uses their ninja training as they infiltrate a COBRA warehouse.

Quick Kick Figure Info

Quick Kick was made with parts from three different figures - The body, arms and head from the 25th Anniversary Quick Kick figure, the hands from Resolute Storm Shadow and the legs from the Rise of Cobra Ninja Mercenary Storm Shadow figure. Quick Kick was released as part of the first wave of Toys'R'Us Exclusive Pursuit of Cobra figures.

Quick Kick Accessories Info

Quick Kick came with yellow and silver nunchuks, a silver and black sword, a black sheath, a black semi-automatic pistol, a black, yellow, and red sleeveless uwagi, two black gloves and a black display stand.

Quick Kick Additional Info

G.I.Joe is the code name for a special operations unit of highly trained men and women. Their purpose is to defend the world against COBRA, a ruthless organization with criminal tentacles in every nation on earth.

21234/24718 ASST.
PN 7043850200
Punch Stamp Code 11381

Contributors: Tony_Bacala, DESTRO, C.I.A.D.

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