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Rock Viper

Filed under: G.I. Joe Pursuit of Cobra - Pursuit of Cobra Cobra Figures

Rock Viper Figure Data

Rock Viper Images

  • 1Rock-Viper-POC Rock Viper
  • 24Valcano-Viper-Lava-Pod-POC Rock Viper
  • 25Valcano-Viper-Lava-Pod-POC Rock Viper
  • 2Rock-Viper-POC Rock Viper
  • 3Rock-Viper-POC Rock Viper
  • 4Rock-Viper-POC Rock Viper
  • 5Rock-Viper-POC Rock Viper
  • 6Rock-Viper-POC Rock Viper
  • 7Rock-Viper-POC Rock Viper
Snake Eyes 12-inch Figure

Rock Viper File Card Data


NO. 1118

COBRA ROCK VIPERS are mountain assault specialists trained in mountaineering and vertical assault. They are experts at climbing treacherous terrain of rock, snow or ice. They use sophisticated climbing gear and weapons designed for compactness and versatility.


Primary Weapon: LR-V Long-Range Rifle

Combat Gear: Rock Climbing Helmet, Backpack with Grapple Hooks, Bullpup Submachine Gun, Pistol, Climbing Pick, Tactical Spear, Climbing Shoes

Rock Viper Version History


The G.I.JOE team breaks into a COBRA base that's hiding powerful new technology.

Rock Viper Figure Info

Rock Viper was made using the parts from four different figures - The head from 25th Anniversary Cobra Para Viper, the body and upper arms from Pursuit of Cobra Jungle Viper, the upper legs from Pursuit of Cobra Beachhead and the lower arms, lower legs, and feet from Pursuit of Cobra Tornado Kick Snake Eyes. Rock Viper was released as part of the sixth wave of Pursuit of Cobra figures.

Rock Viper Accessories Info

Rock Viper came with a black rifle, a black submachine gun, a black pistol, a black knife, a black helmet, a black backpack with two black grappling hooks connected by black string, a black spear, a black and silver pick and a black display stand.

Rock Viper Additional Info

G.I.JOE is the code name for a special operations unit of highly trained men and women. Their purpose is to defend the world against COBRA, a ruthless organization with criminal tentacles in every nation on earth.

Contributors: Tony_Bacala, DESTRO, C.I.A.D.

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