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Destro (Money Bags)

Filed under: G.I. Joe Pursuit of Cobra - Pursuit of Cobra Cobra Figures

Destro (Money Bags) Figure Data

  • Year: 2011
  • Release Status: Released
  • Sub-Team / Theme: Urban

Destro (Money Bags) Images

  • destro Destro (Money Bags)
  • destro_1290187592 Destro (Money Bags)
  • POC-Destro-City-Strike-01 Destro (Money Bags)
  • POC-Destro-City-Strike-02 Destro (Money Bags)
  • POC-Destro-City-Strike-03 Destro (Money Bags)
  • POC-Destro-City-Strike-04 Destro (Money Bags)
  • POC-Destro-City-Strike-05 Destro (Money Bags)
  • POC-Destro-City-Strike-06 Destro (Money Bags)
  • POC-Destro-City-Strike-07 Destro (Money Bags)
  • POC-Destro-City-Strike-08 Destro (Money Bags)
  • POC-Destro-City-Strike-09 Destro (Money Bags)
  • POC-Destro-City-Strike-10 Destro (Money Bags)
  • POC-Destro-City-Strike-11 Destro (Money Bags)
  • POC-Destro-City-Strike-12 Destro (Money Bags)
  • POC-Destro-City-Strike-13 Destro (Money Bags)
  • POC-Destro-City-Strike-14 Destro (Money Bags)
  • POC-Destro-City-Strike-15 Destro (Money Bags)
  • POC-Destro-City-Strike-16 Destro (Money Bags)
  • POC-Destro-City-Strike-17 Destro (Money Bags)
  • POC-Destro-City-Strike-18 Destro (Money Bags)
  • POC-Destro-City-Strike-19 Destro (Money Bags)
  • POC-Destro-City-Strike-20 Destro (Money Bags)
  • POC-Destro-City-Strike-21 Destro (Money Bags)
  • poc-wave-4-city-strike-destro-carded Destro (Money Bags)
  • z-money-bags-destro-weapons Destro (Money Bags)
Snake Eyes 12-inch Figure

Destro (Money Bags) File Card Data


NO. 1107


DESTRO designs and manufactures advanced weaponry and supplies weapons to COBRA. He demonstrates his latest high-powered plasma rifles by leading SHOCK TROOPERS in an attack on G.I.JOE trooper LOW-LIGHT, who has infiltrated a COBRA warehouse in an urban city. DESTRO has to quickly change his plans when he finds out that LOW-LIGHT knows they are there - and is waiting for them.

Mission Equipment: GC-SFS Gatling Cannon with Stabilizing-Fire Support

Destro (Money Bags) Version History


The G.I.JOE team uses their ninja training as they infiltrate a COBRA warehouse.

Destro (Money Bags) Figure Info

Destro was made using the body of Pursuit of Cobra Arctic Destro with a new head. Destro was released as part of the fourth wave of Pursuit of Cobra figures.

Destro (Money Bags) Accessories Info

Destro came with a two-part stabilizer rig, a gray mini-gun, a gray ammo belt, a gray pistol, a black and gray tactical vest, a gray shoulder pad, a black and gray belt, two gray and red shin pads, a black briefcase, six dollar bill stacks, six euro bill stacks, and a black display stand.

Destro (Money Bags) Additional Info

G.I.JOE is the code name for a special operations unit of highly trained men and women. Their purpose is to defend the world against COBRA, a ruthless organization with criminal tentacles in every nation on earth.

Contributors: Tony_Bacala, DESTRO, C.I.A.D.

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