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Cyber Viper

Filed under: G.I. Joe Pursuit of Cobra - Pursuit of Cobra Cobra Figures

Cyber Viper Figure Data

Cyber Viper Images

  • 001Cobra-Deviant-Viper-POC Cyber Viper
  • 002Cobra-Deviant-Viper-POC Cyber Viper
  • 003Cobra-Deviant-Viper-POC Cyber Viper
  • 004Cobra-Deviant-Viper-POC Cyber Viper
  • 005Cobra-Deviant-Viper-POC Cyber Viper
  • 006Cobra-Deviant-Viper-POC Cyber Viper
  • 007Cobra-Deviant-Viper-POC Cyber Viper
  • 008Cobra-Deviant-Viper-POC Cyber Viper
  • 009Cobra-Deviant-Viper-POC Cyber Viper
  • 010Cobra-Deviant-Viper-POC Cyber Viper
  • cyber-viper Cyber Viper
Snake Eyes 12-inch Figure

Cyber Viper File Card Data

G.I. JOE PURSUIT OF COBRA CYBER-VIPER Cobra Deviant Mobile Mech Suit Pilot

NO. 1024


CYBER-VIPERS have biocybernetic implants, which allow them to organically interface with computerized systems like the highly advanced COBRA DEVIANT MOBILE MECH SUITS. Using these interconnections, they operate the suits as extensions of their minds and bodies, giving them a powerful advantage over the G.I.JOE team when they encounter them in the night-shrouded streets of the city.

Mission Equipment: D57-A Extreme Environment Tactical Rifle

Cyber Viper Version History


The G.I.JOE team uses their ninja training as they infiltrate a COBRA warehouse.

Cyber Viper Figure Info

Cyber-Viper was made using parts from three different figures - the head from 25th Anniversary Wild Weasel, the body from the Rise of Cobra M.A.R.S. Industries Trooper and the Arms & Legs from 25th Anniversary Zartan. Cyber-Viper was released as part of the first wave of Pursuit of Cobra Mechs.

Cyber Viper Accessories Info

Cyber-Viper came with a black and silver knife and black & silver body armor.

Cyber Viper Additional Info

G.I.JOE is the code name for a special operations unit of highly trained men and women. Their purpose is to defend the world against COBRA, a ruthless organization with criminal tentacles in every nation on earth.

24724/24722 ASST.
PN 7042760000
Punch Stamp Code 01451

Contributors: Tony_Bacala, DESTRO, C.I.A.D.

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