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Neo-Viper (Attack on Pit)

Filed under: G.I. Joe Movie - G.I. Joe Movie Cobra Figures

Neo-Viper (Attack on Pit) Figure Data

Neo-Viper (Attack on Pit) Images

  • 001Neo-Viper-Attack-PIT-ROC Neo-Viper (Attack on Pit)
  • 002Neo-Viper-Attack-PIT-ROC Neo-Viper (Attack on Pit)
  • 003Neo-Viper-Attack-PIT-ROC Neo-Viper (Attack on Pit)
  • 004Neo-Viper-Attack-PIT-ROC Neo-Viper (Attack on Pit)
  • 005Neo-Viper-Attack-PIT-ROC Neo-Viper (Attack on Pit)
  • 006Neo-Viper-Attack-PIT-ROC Neo-Viper (Attack on Pit)
  • 007Neo-Viper-Attack-PIT-ROC Neo-Viper (Attack on Pit)
  • 008Neo-Viper-Attack-PIT-ROC Neo-Viper (Attack on Pit)
  • 009Neo-Viper-Attack-PIT-ROC Neo-Viper (Attack on Pit)
  • 010Neo-Viper-Attack-PIT-ROC Neo-Viper (Attack on Pit)
Snake Eyes 12-inch Figure

Neo-Viper (Attack on Pit) File Card Data

GIJOE Rise of Cobra Neo-Viper (Attack on Pit)

Neo-Vipers are cold-blooded commandos whose minds and instincts have been altered to change them into superhuman warriors. They are incapable of fear or pain, and their enhanced physical abilities make them inhumanly strong and fast.

MIC Number: 1005-NV

Preferred Weapon:
M.A.R.S. Industries D57-A Extreme Environment Tactical Rifle

Neo-Viper (Attack on Pit) Version History

The GIJOE PIT headquarters is under attack! Cobra forces drill their way inside with mole pod vehicles, but the fight has just begun. GIJOE PIT Troopers and elite team commandos battle the intruders to keep this key base from falling into enemy hand!

Neo-Viper (Attack on Pit) Additional Info

G.I.Joe is a highly trained, classified special operations unit composed of men and woman from around the globe. Officially, these warriors don't even exist. Few know the truth that G.I.Joe fights a secret war, as the first and last line of defense against forces that seek to plunge our world into chaos.

Wherever there's trouble, G.I.Joe is there. Now you know.... and knowing is half the battle!

93604/93328 ASST.
PN 6904410000
Punch Stamp Code 92881

Contributors: Tony_Bacala, DESTRO

Views: 676
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