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Filed under: G.I. Joe Movie - G.I. Joe Movie Cobra Figures

Baroness Figure Data

  • Year: 2009
  • Release Status: Released

Baroness Images

  • 001Baroness-ROC Baroness
  • 002Baroness-ROC Baroness
  • 003Baroness-ROC Baroness
  • 004Baroness-ROC Baroness
  • 005Baroness-ROC Baroness
  • 006Baroness-ROC Baroness
  • 007Baroness-ROC Baroness
  • 008Baroness-ROC Baroness
  • 009Baroness-ROC Baroness
  • 010Baroness-ROC Baroness
  • 011Baroness-ROC Baroness
  • 012Baroness-ROC Baroness
  • 013Baroness-ROC Baroness
  • 014Baroness-ROC Baroness
  • 015Baroness-ROC Baroness
Snake Eyes 12-inch Figure

Baroness File Card Data


MIC Number 0501-AD

BARONESS Anastasia Decobray is as dangerous as she is beautiful. A master spy for COBRA and a powerful, high-ranking figure at M.A.R.S. Industries, she carries out her plans with icy efficiency, but her cold, cruel personality hides a painful secret from her past.

Preferred Weapon:
M.A.R.S. Industries D57-A extreme environment tactical rifle.

Baroness Version History

The Baroness was originally Ana Lewis, who was Duke's fiancée. After the presumed death of her brother Rex, she is kidnapped by The Doctor who uses the mind control power of the nanomites on her, she then becomes a member of Cobra. Destro in need of a scapegoat for his plan of wolrd domination allows her to marry Baron Daniel DeCobray, assuming the name of Baroness Anastascia DeCobray. The Baron uses his lab to weaponize the nanomite warheads she acquired, and is then killed by Storm Shadow under the orders of Destro for touching the Baroness. After capturing Duke and bringing him to the M.A.R.S. Arctic base, Ana overcomes the power of the nanomite mind control and saves Duke, helping him bring Cobra Commander and Destro to justice. She is then shown in a medical lab after an unsuccessful attempt to remove the nanomites from her body. Ana's status is left unknow as she is detained and under guard.

Baroness Additional Info

ASST. 89078/68916
PN 6868900200

Contributors: Tony_Bacala, DESTRO

Views: 1,514
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