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SkyStriker Figure Data

SkyStriker Images

  • 001Sky-Striker-30th-Anniversary SkyStriker
  • 002Sky-Striker-30th-Anniversary SkyStriker
  • 003Sky-Striker-30th-Anniversary SkyStriker
  • 004Sky-Striker-30th-Anniversary SkyStriker
  • 005Sky-Striker-30th-Anniversary SkyStriker
  • 006Sky-Striker-30th-Anniversary SkyStriker
  • 007Sky-Striker-30th-Anniversary SkyStriker
  • 008Sky-Striker-30th-Anniversary SkyStriker
  • 009Sky-Striker-30th-Anniversary SkyStriker
  • 010Sky-Striker-30th-Anniversary SkyStriker
  • 011Sky-Striker-30th-Anniversary SkyStriker
  • 012Sky-Striker-30th-Anniversary SkyStriker
  • 013Sky-Striker-30th-Anniversary SkyStriker
Snake Eyes 12-inch Figure

SkyStriker File Card Data

SkyStriker 2011 with Captain Ace

For speed, precision and sheer aggression, nothing beats the SKY STRIKER XP-21F combat jet. This fighter aircraft has variable-sweep wings that adjust for high-speed flights and tight maneuvers. This long range strike-fighter thunders into the sky for another combat mission!

SkyStriker Version History

New mold based on the original. Cockpit only seats 1 figure as a HUD, control console, sidestick and additional details were crafted for the cockpit interior. The engine nozzles feature scribed details reminiscent of the F110 GE400 of the F-14B/D models, meanwhile the overall contour shape is reminiscent of the TF30 engine nozzles from the original Skystriker XP-14F/F-14A Tomcat. Sticker markings are similar but the original intake stickers have been replaced with newer, more realistic markings.

Labeled as XP-21F in lieu of XP-14F, which the original used. The XP-21F designation may refer to Tomcat 21, a canceled, advanced variant of the F-14 Tomcat, offered by Grumman as an alternative to the Naval Advanced Tactical Fighter(NATF).

Sticker sheet includes optional squadron markings to customize the Sky Striker to your taste.

Ace is a kitbash of previous 25th Anniversary/Pursuit Of Cobra figures, including Ace and Skydive respectively, with an all new helmet.

SkyStriker Accessories Info

Canopy x 1
AIM-9 Sidewinder missle x 2
AIM-7 Sparrow missle x 2
AIM-54 Phoenix missle x 2
Gunpod x 1
TF30 engine x 2
Engine covers x 2
Vertical stabilizer x 2

SkyStriker Additional Info

35671 ASST.
PN 7176390000
Punch Stamp Code 11361

Contributors: Tony_Bacala, DESTRO, Shin Densetsu

Views: 2,188
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