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Filed under: G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary / Modern - 25th / Modern Vehicles

C.L.A.W. Figure Data

C.L.A.W. Images

  • claw-fang-2pk-box C.L.A.W.
  • claw-fang-2pk-set C.L.A.W.
  • cobra-claw-vehicle C.L.A.W.
Snake Eyes 12-inch Figure

C.L.A.W. File Card Data


TYPE: Aerial Combat Craft
WEAPONS: HE8 Venom missiles, Flashfire bomb

The Covert Light Aerial Weapon (C.L.A.W.) vehicle can be operated by a single pilot or used as an unmanned drone. Turbojet engines give it speed and adjustable wing tips provide maneuverability; essentially, it’s an amped-up glider with teeth and a willingness to bite. Armed with Venom missiles and a Flashfire bomb, it glides in swiftly and sends a nasty message before moving aside to let the “big boys” deliver the main attack. The single pilot is completely unshielded from enemy fire; he pilots the craft with fingertip-reactive controls for superior maneuverability.

C.L.A.W. Version History

C.L.A.W. Additional Info

Prepare to roll into battle with two COBRA air-assault vehicles and two COBRA character action figures! The COBRA F.A.N.G vehicle features a pivoting nose gun, turning tail fan, turning rotor blades, movable flight control stick and removable missiles! Make it a duet attack with the COBRA C.L.A.W vehicle that features a rotating handle, adjustable wing tips, bombs and a figure that you can attach! Stage the two COBRA character figures in a face off against G.I. JOE troops and let the battle begin!

Contributors: Tony_Bacala, DESTRO

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