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Lady Jaye Night Force

Filed under: G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary / Modern - 25th / Modern G.I. Joe Figures

Lady Jaye Night Force Figure Data

Lady Jaye Night Force Images

  • 001-lady-jaye-Night-Force-JoeCon-2013 Lady Jaye Night Force
  • 002-lady-jaye-Night-Force-JoeCon-2013 Lady Jaye Night Force
  • 003-lady-jaye-Night-Force-JoeCon-2013 Lady Jaye Night Force
  • 004-lady-jaye-Night-Force-JoeCon-2013 Lady Jaye Night Force
  • 005-lady-jaye-Night-Force-JoeCon-2013 Lady Jaye Night Force
  • 006-lady-jaye-Night-Force-JoeCon-2013 Lady Jaye Night Force
  • 007-lady-jaye-Night-Force-JoeCon-2013 Lady Jaye Night Force
  • 008-lady-jaye-Night-Force-JoeCon-2013 Lady Jaye Night Force
  • 009-lady-jaye-Night-Force-JoeCon-2013 Lady Jaye Night Force
  • 010-lady-jaye-Night-Force-JoeCon-2013 Lady Jaye Night Force
  • 011-lady-jaye-Night-Force-JoeCon-2013 Lady Jaye Night Force
  • 012-lady-jaye-Night-Force-JoeCon-2013 Lady Jaye Night Force
  • 013-lady-jaye-Night-Force-JoeCon-2013 Lady Jaye Night Force
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Lady Jaye Night Force File Card Data

Night Force Covert Operations

Code Name: Lady Jaye
File Name: Hart-Burnett, Alison R.
Primary Military Specialty: Intelligence
Secondary Military Specialty: Personnel Clerk
Birthplace: Martha'a Vineyard, Massachusetts
SN: 853-71-HB49
Grade: E-6

Lady Jaye is one of the G.I. Joe team's premiere Covert Ops agents. While not a tenacious physical force like some of her Night Force teammates, she can hold her own in a fight, even when only armed with her trademark custom javelin launcher. More often then not, it is her Ranger training that comes into play, tracking enemy agents back to their lairs and lying in wait until she gathers the intelligence she needs. While undercover, she can flawlessly impersonate the social behavior and languages of other cultures, a necessity when hunting down international conspirators and not knowing what country she will be in next.

From LT. Falcon's Files:
"Lady Jaye brings a touch of class to the Night Force unit, along with a tough no-nonsense attitude, remarkable skills with edged weapons, and a left-hook with no mercy. She always seems to find the one little detail that Cobra overlooked, and uses it to blow their whole operations wide open. This skill set makes her the go-to person you want on almost any squad."

Lady Jaye Night Force Version History

Lady Jaye Night Force Additional Info

Punch Stamp Code 30301

Contributors: Tony_Bacala, DESTRO, Shin Densetsu, C.I.A.D.

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