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Chuckles Night Force

Filed under: G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary / Modern - 25th / Modern G.I. Joe Figures

Chuckles Night Force Figure Data

Chuckles Night Force Images

  • 001-Night-Force-Chuckles-JoeCon-2013 Chuckles Night Force
  • 002-Night-Force-Chuckles-JoeCon-2013 Chuckles Night Force
  • 003-Night-Force-Chuckles-JoeCon-2013 Chuckles Night Force
  • 004-Night-Force-Chuckles-JoeCon-2013 Chuckles Night Force
  • 005-Night-Force-Chuckles-JoeCon-2013 Chuckles Night Force
  • 006-Night-Force-Chuckles-JoeCon-2013 Chuckles Night Force
  • 007-Night-Force-Chuckles-JoeCon-2013 Chuckles Night Force
  • 008-Night-Force-Chuckles-JoeCon-2013 Chuckles Night Force
  • 009-Night-Force-Chuckles-JoeCon-2013 Chuckles Night Force
  • 010-Night-Force-Chuckles-JoeCon-2013 Chuckles Night Force
  • 011-Night-Force-Chuckles-JoeCon-2013 Chuckles Night Force
  • 012-Night-Force-Chuckles-JoeCon-2013 Chuckles Night Force
  • 013-Night-Force-Chuckles-JoeCon-2013 Chuckles Night Force
  • 014-Night-Force-Chuckles-JoeCon-2013 Chuckles Night Force
  • 015-Night-Force-Chuckles-JoeCon-2013 Chuckles Night Force
  • 016-Night-Force-Chuckles-JoeCon-2013 Chuckles Night Force
  • 017-Night-Force-Chuckles-JoeCon-2013 Chuckles Night Force
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Chuckles Night Force File Card Data

Night Force Undercover Operations

Code Name: Chuckles
File Name: Provost, Philip M.
Primary Military Specialty: CID (Criminal Investigation Division)
Secondary Military Specialty: Intelligence
Birthplace: Little Rock, Arkansas
SN: 299-58-5214
Grade: E-5

Chuckles has been undercover for so long that nobody is really sure who he actually works for. He got his start in "hole-and-corner" operations at Southeastern Insurance Group in Fort Lauderdale where he still feels he owes his main allegiance. He is a man's man and every CID boy's favorite companion. It's not just because of his jocularity or his perseverance in the field, but because he is so conscientious about keeping up his "cover" that he'll volunteer for mission that nobody else wants to go on.

From LT. Falcon's Files:
"Chuckles natural like-ability is his greatest asset. He can sit around all day with a bunch of bad guys, grinning, cracking jokes, and punching shoulders, all the while wearing a miniature transmitter that's being homed in on by his Night Force teammates. He is well aware of the consequences of being found out... and also confident of his alility to either talk or fight his way out of any situation."

Chuckles Night Force Version History

Chuckles Night Force Additional Info

Contributors: Tony_Bacala, DESTRO, Shin Densetsu, C.I.A.D.

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