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Breaker Figure Data

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  • breaker-25th-vehicle Breaker
Snake Eyes 12-inch Figure

Breaker File Card Data


FILE NAME: Kibbey, Alvin R.
SN: 757-79-AR35
BIRTHPLACE: Gatunburg, Tennessee

CPL. BREAKER is the GI JOE team’s communications expert, making him the crucial link between the battlefield and headquarters. He’s familiar with battlefield technology that helps the team monitor COBRA activity. CPL. BREAKER is familiar with all NATO and Warsaw Pact communication gear as well as most world export devices. Specialized Education: Signal School; Covert Electronics; Project Gamma. Qualified Expert: M-16; M-1911A1; MAC-lO (Ingram). Classified: Speaks seven languages.

“He’s efficient and self-assured and has an uncanny ability to turn adverse situations to his favor.”

Breaker Version History

Breaker Additional Info

COBRA FLIGHT POD air vehicles swoop down to attack G.I. JOE forces riding RAM CYCLES. Small in size but big in trouble, COBRA FLIGHT PODS send a barrage of firepower raining down on the RAM CYCLES – then the RAM CYCLE drivers fire back full-force with their side-mounted gatling guns!

COBRA FLIGHT PODS are small, jet-propelled aircraft that can be flown by COBRA pilots or operated as unmanned reconnaissance drones. Each COBRA FLIGHT POD has two laser-seeking anti-tank missiles and a mini-cannon for air-to-ground assault. Nicknamed “Trouble Bubbles” by the G.I. JOE team because of the clear dome canopy, COBRA FLIGHT PODS were used by COBRA to attack the OKTOBER GUARD and steal a new laser weapon. In battle, they buzz around like annoying hornets before blasting targets with their powerful “stingers.”

Get ready to face-off in a fierce battle between good and evil with these awesome military vehicles!* Slide the CPL. BREAKER figure into the driver’s seat of the RAM CYCLE vehicle, aim the rotating gatling gun at the COBRA enemy and fire!* Free-rolling wheels help your G.I. Joe comrade roll courageously into battle!* A swing-down console on the COBRA FLIGHT POD vehicle puts you in control of the action as you team up with TELE-VIPER figure and prepare for combat!* A swiveling cannon and removable missiles let you take aim at the G.I. Joe team.* The battle in on – which side will you defend?

Contributors: Tony_Bacala, DESTRO

Views: 1,320
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