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Barbecue Figure Data

Barbecue Images

  • 001Barbecue-25th-1Anniversary Barbecue
  • 002Barbecue-25th-1Anniversary Barbecue
  • 003Barbecue-25th-1Anniversary Barbecue
  • 004Barbecue-25th-1Anniversary Barbecue
  • 005Barbecue-25th-1Anniversary Barbecue
  • 006Barbecue-25th-1Anniversary Barbecue
  • 007Barbecue-25th-1Anniversary Barbecue
  • 008Barbecue-25th-1Anniversary Barbecue
  • 009Barbecue-25th-1Anniversary Barbecue
  • 010Barbecue-25th-1Anniversary Barbecue
  • 011Barbecue-25th-1Anniversary Barbecue
  • 012Barbecue-25th-1Anniversary Barbecue
  • 013Barbecue-25th-1Anniversary Barbecue
  • barbeque-25th Barbecue
  • barbeque-canada Barbecue
  • barbeque-modern-card Barbecue
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Barbecue File Card Data


Code Name: Barbecue
FILE NAME: Kelly, Gabriel A.
BIRTHPLACE: Boston, Massachusetts

If Kelly hadnít joined the G.I. JOE team, he would have been the seventh Kelly in his direct line in the Boston Fire department. His love for the job is not based on family loyalty or even a more general sense of duty. He simply likes riding on the back of the truck with the wind in his face and sirens Wailing, lights flashing and bells clanging. Being allowed to knock down doors and smash windows with his axe is just frosting on the cake.

ďBARBECUE is What you call your basic party animal. He can open bottles with his teeth, pick up quarters with his ears and wrap his lips completely around the bottom of a quart soft drink bottle. You may well ask how all this affects his function as the G.I. Joe teamís firefighter. It doesnít. It simply makes him a more interesting fellow to have around.Ē

Barbecue Version History

Barbecue Additional Info

Add to your G.I. JOE collection with this military firefighter action figure. Outfitted for fire rescue missions in futuristic-looking garb, this flame-tamer figure comes with accessories to get the job done, including an axe and a fire extinguishing backpack with pistol attachment.

66885/63403 ASST.
PN 6661935800
Punch Stamp Code 82102

Contributors: Tony_Bacala, DESTRO

Views: 1,874
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