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Alpine Figure Data

Alpine Images

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Snake Eyes 12-inch Figure

Alpine File Card Data


FILE NAME: Pine, Albert M.
SN: 237-51-HG44
BIRTHPLACE: Minidoka, Idaho

Civilian climbing is hard enough as it is. A military climber is further burdened with weapons, ammo, communications gear, a laser-spotter and body armor. He also has the added problem of having to climb while under enemy fire, usually in the dark or under unfavorable weather conditions. None of this fazes Albert Pine, who loves the challenge of a sheer rock face. If it is large made of granite and you can pound pitons into it - Pine can climb it. For all that he easily switches gears and climbs into a jet backpack to battle COBRA forces in the sky when they launch an attack from the air.

“For me, it’s all about defying gravity: It proves that anything is achievable if you put your strength, focus and will into it”

Alpine Version History

Alpine Additional Info

Chosen by the fans! Pop in the DVD for four action-packed episodes selected by G.I. JOE fans as their all-time favorites from the classic cartoon series! And as a special treat, you can also see the exciting opening sequence from 1987’s G.I. JOE – The Movie!* Recreate edge-of-your-seat moments from G.I. JOE history with the four detailed action figures and the COBRA C.L.A.W. vehicle included!

Collect all 5 pieces from select DVD Battles packs (each pack sold separately) to build the M.A.S.S. DEVICE machine from the classic TV series!

DVD includes “The Viper is Coming”, “The Phantom Brigade”, “Skeletons in the Closet”, “My Favorite Things” episodes and the opening sequence from 1987’s “G.I. JOE – The Movie”.

Battles Pack includes DVD, COBRA C.L.A.W. vehicle, beam emitter, weapons, 1 M.A.S.S. DEVICE piece and ALBERT “ALPINE” PINE, COBRA COMMANDER, COBRA TROOPER and DUKE figures.

Contributors: Tony_Bacala, DESTRO

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