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Ace (Air Command)

Filed under: G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary / Modern - 25th / Modern G.I. Joe Figures

Ace (Air Command) Figure Data

Ace (Air Command) Images

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Ace (Air Command) File Card Data

Code Name: CAPT. ACE
FILE NAME: Armbruster, Brad J. SN: 223-035-BJ74
BIRTHPLACE: Providence, Rhode Island Grade: 0-3 (Captain, USAF)

CAPT. ACE would rather fly than do anything else. During high school, he worked after school and weekends to pay for flying lessons. He spent one year flying pipelines in Alaska and two years stunt flying for movies before enlisting in the USAF. He joined the G.I. JOE team after serving in pilot combat training school as a senior instructor. He’s right at home in the cockpit of all types of planes and has an intuitive knack for getting the most out of them.

“CAPT. ACE has one major character flaw: cutthroat poker. A predilection for gambling would ordinarily disqualify an applicant for the G.I. JOE team, but in Armbruster’s case you can hardly call it gambling since he NEVER LOSES. That’s why we call him CAPT. ACE.”

Ace (Air Command) Version History

Second version of Ace from the GI Joe 25th Anniversary line.

Ace (Air Command) Accessories Info


Ace (Air Command) Additional Info

Whether COBRA forces attack by land, sea or air, the G.I. JOE team is there with special divisions geared up for the challenge! The G.I. JOE AIR COMMAND takes charge of the sky with some of the best pilots to ever strap themselves into a cockpit. They are all “top guns” who can fly anything from fighter jets to helicopters. Take the battle to the skies!

Live the excitement of dynamic G.I. JOE adventure with this awesome three-pack of articulated action figures. Each poseable figure comes with weapon accessories, display stand and signature design suited for adventure!

Take part in the action with three awesome G.I. JOE action figures and accessories! Includes 3 figures, weapon accessories and display stands. G.I. JOE AIR COMMAND Action Figure 3-Pack: CAPT. ACE, WILD BILL® and SKYDUSTER

Contributors: Tony_Bacala, DESTRO, Shin Densetsu

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