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Storm Shadow (Cobra Legions)

Filed under: G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary / Modern - 25th / Modern Cobra Figures

Storm Shadow (Cobra Legions) Figure Data

Storm Shadow (Cobra Legions) Images

  • legions-25th-box Storm Shadow (Cobra Legions)
  • legions-set Storm Shadow (Cobra Legions)
  • storm-shadow-2007-5 Storm Shadow (Cobra Legions)
  • Storm-Shadow-Filecard-2 Storm Shadow (Cobra Legions)
  • storm-shadow-legions Storm Shadow (Cobra Legions)
Snake Eyes 12-inch Figure

Storm Shadow (Cobra Legions) File Card Data


File Name: Arashikage, Thomas M.
BIRTHPLACE: Classified

One of the two most dangerous men on the face of the planet, STORM SHADOW was once a master of the ARASHIKAGE ninja clan. Now, he sells his arcane skills to the evil forces of COBRA in order to pursue his twisted plan for revenge against his former sword brother SNAKE EYES. Ninjas are mystic warriors, spies, master swordsmen, acrobats, conjurors and tricksters. They can do all sorts of amazing things - or at least seem to do them, because the ninja's prime directive is embodied in a major precept of the ancient warrior sage Sun Tsu who said , "All warfare is based on deception." This should give COBRA pause to consider the loyalty of STORM SHADOW and ponder the question, "What does he really want?"

"A sword hidden away in its scabbard does not lose its edge. The same can be said about my loyalty and honor."

Storm Shadow (Cobra Legions) Version History

Storm Shadow (Cobra Legions) Figure Info

Repaint of GI Joe 25th Anniversary Storm Shadow(Cobra 5 Pack #1)

Storm Shadow (Cobra Legions) Accessories Info

Bandolier with dual sheaths x 1
Long sword x 1
Short sword x 1
Bow x 1
Knife x 1

Storm Shadow (Cobra Legions) Additional Info

For 25 years, the evil COBRA organization has sought to take over the world and defeat the G.I. JOE team. They have used every mans necessary to further their goals: devastating weapons, destructive weather machines, swarms of COBRA B.A.T. robots, and legions of COBRA TROOPERS. Led by the ruthless COBRA COMMANDER, the COBRA organization has many powerful members in its ranks including the silver-masked DESTRO, the ultimate warrior SERPENTOR, the ninja master STORM SHADOW - and many more.

Mark 25 years of malicious COBRA forces with this five-pack of articulated action figures. Each figure comes with a weapon and a display base, making it easy to display and add to your collection! Show off your COBRA allegiance with COBRA logo case that plays the COBRA theme song! Includes COBRA COMMANDER, STORM SHADOW, COBRA TROOPER, STINGER DRIVER and AIR TROOPER figures with weapons and display stands.

Contributors: Tony_Bacala, DESTRO, Shin Densetsu

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