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Dice Figure Data

Dice Images

  • 001-Dice-GIJOE-25th-Anniversary Dice
  • 002-Dice-GIJOE-25th-Anniversary Dice
  • 003-Dice-GIJOE-25th-Anniversary Dice
  • 004-Dice-GIJOE-25th-Anniversary Dice
  • 005-Dice-GIJOE-25th-Anniversary Dice
  • 006-Dice-GIJOE-25th-Anniversary Dice
  • 007-Dice-GIJOE-25th-Anniversary Dice
  • 008-Dice-GIJOE-25th-Anniversary Dice
  • 009-Dice-GIJOE-25th-Anniversary Dice
  • 010-Dice-GIJOE-25th-Anniversary Dice
  • 011-Dice-GIJOE-25th-Anniversary Dice
  • 012-Dice-GIJOE-25th-Anniversary Dice
  • 013-Dice-GIJOE-25th-Anniversary Dice
  • 014-Dice-GIJOE-25th-Anniversary Dice
  • 015-Dice-GIJOE-25th-Anniversary Dice
  • 016-Dice-GIJOE-25th-Anniversary Dice
  • 017-Dice-GIJOE-25th-Anniversary Dice
  • 018-Dice-GIJOE-25th-Anniversary Dice
  • 019-Dice-GIJOE-25th-Anniversary Dice
Snake Eyes 12-inch Figure

Dice File Card Data

Cobra Ninja Commando

Code Name:Cobra Dice
File Name: Unknown
Primary Military Specialty: Ninja Commando
Secondary Military Specialty: Protective Services
Birthplace: Unknown

Intelligence sources indicate that Dice was once part of the Night-Creepers, but was kicked out for attempting to steal a sacred jeweled dagger from the clan leader. he soon partnered with a fellow rogue Ninja Swordsman names Slice, and the combination of their complementary fighting styles made them a force to be reckoned with. They each took positions as loyal bodyguards to the Cobra hierarchy in the absence of Storm Shadow. Dice is, however, the most sadistic Ninja in Cobra employ by far, and often finds himself undertaking mercenary missions alone.

Dice specializes in close quarters combat and uses choke holds, pressure points, snares, traps, blunt instruments, eye-gouging and other cruel means to incapacitate his opponents. His weapons of choice are the battle axe and double-bladed Bo staff, with which he is a master of bojutsu. he can manipulate both with blinding speed and bone-crushing power. His most dreaded technique is an attack he calls the "Flying Dragon.' Dice is unpredictable when cornered and will do almost anything for self-preservation.

"Man or woman, Ninja or neophyte, my "Flying Dragon" will be your demise!"

Dice Version History

Dice Additional Info

Punch Stamp Code 22911

Contributors: Tony Bacala, Destro

Views: 1,527
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