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Cobra Viper (TRU 5-Pack)

Filed under: G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary / Modern - 25th / Modern Cobra Figures

Cobra Viper (TRU 5-Pack) Figure Data

Cobra Viper (TRU 5-Pack) Images

  • 001Cobra-Viper-5-Pack-25th-Anniversary Cobra Viper (TRU 5-Pack)
  • 002Cobra-Viper-5-Pack-25th-Anniversary Cobra Viper (TRU 5-Pack)
  • 003Cobra-Viper-5-Pack-25th-Anniversary Cobra Viper (TRU 5-Pack)
  • 004Cobra-Viper-5-Pack-25th-Anniversary Cobra Viper (TRU 5-Pack)
  • 005Cobra-Viper-5-Pack-25th-Anniversary Cobra Viper (TRU 5-Pack)
  • 006Cobra-Viper-5-Pack-25th-Anniversary Cobra Viper (TRU 5-Pack)
  • 007Cobra-Viper-5-Pack-25th-Anniversary Cobra Viper (TRU 5-Pack)
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Cobra Viper (TRU 5-Pack) File Card Data


Code Name: Feilx "Mercer" Stratton
File Name: Stratton, Felix P.
Grade: E-5 (Sergent)
SN: 933-41-FS32
Birthplace: Spencer, West Virginia
Primary Militart Speciality: Mercenary
Secondary Militart Speciality: Explosives Expert

Felix ''Mercenary'' Stratton is the only COBRA VIPER to defect to the GI Joe team and survive. He joined COBRA for the adventure and promise of material gain, but soon grew disillusioned with the organization's philosophy. He's invaluable as a tough fighter and as a source of inside information on Cobra tactics and battle doctrine. His familiarity with the ruthless organization has made him the perfect choice for undercover operations on various occasions. He has disguised himself in his old Cobra Viper uniform and walked stright into headquarters with his characteristic bravado.

"The team wasn't too thrilled about having a former Cobra in their midst. I had to prove my worth and my integrity to them. Plus, it helps that I'm pretty mean in a fight, too."

CodeName: Cobra Viper Leader

The leader of a Cobra Viper division has risen to his position from the bottom-most rungs of the vast Cobra army. He's been the one who was ordered to march through mud up to his eyeballs and fight until he dropped. He fought the GIJOE team in battle after battle, he risked his life to preform acts of sabotage and he ratted out his own squadron buddies to make himself look good in the eyesof his superiors. Now it's his turn to lead, to order, to reap the rewards, he has earned, through sweat, blood and betrayal, the opportunity to lead a squad into battle and make them fight hard, and make them the nastiest Cobra Vipers of all.

"A leader molds his men into a fighting force through discipline, hard work and skin blistering threats if necessary."

Cobra Viper (TRU 5-Pack) Version History

Cobra Viper (TRU 5-Pack) Additional Info

Contributors: Tony_Bacala, DESTRO, Shin Densetsu, C.I.A.D.

Views: 4,087
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