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Cobra Trooper (Desert, Hostile)

Filed under: G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary / Modern - 25th / Modern Cobra Figures

Cobra Trooper (Desert, Hostile) Figure Data

Cobra Trooper (Desert, Hostile) Images

  • Cobra-Trooper-Desert-Hostile-01 Cobra Trooper (Desert, Hostile)
  • Cobra-Trooper-Desert-Hostile-02 Cobra Trooper (Desert, Hostile)
  • Cobra-Trooper-Desert-Hostile-03 Cobra Trooper (Desert, Hostile)
  • Cobra-Trooper-Desert-Hostile-04 Cobra Trooper (Desert, Hostile)
  • Cobra-Trooper-Desert-Hostile-05 Cobra Trooper (Desert, Hostile)
  • Cobra-Trooper-Desert-Hostile-06 Cobra Trooper (Desert, Hostile)
  • Cobra-Trooper-Desert-Hostile-07 Cobra Trooper (Desert, Hostile)
  • Cobra-Trooper-Desert-Hostile-08 Cobra Trooper (Desert, Hostile)
  • Cobra-Trooper-Desert-Hostile-09 Cobra Trooper (Desert, Hostile)
  • Cobra-Trooper-Desert-Hostile-10 Cobra Trooper (Desert, Hostile)
  • Cobra-Trooper-Desert-Hostile-11 Cobra Trooper (Desert, Hostile)
  • Cobra-Trooper-Desert-Hostile-12 Cobra Trooper (Desert, Hostile)
  • cobra-trooper-extreme-conditions Cobra Trooper (Desert, Hostile)
  • Desert-Battle-Pack-box Cobra Trooper (Desert, Hostile)
  • zzz-file-card-087 Cobra Trooper (Desert, Hostile)
Snake Eyes 12-inch Figure

Cobra Trooper (Desert, Hostile) File Card Data


FILE NAME: Various
SECONDARY MILITARY SPECIALTY: Artillery, Chemical Engineering
BIRTHPLACE: Various Countries

These COBRA troopers are experts in hostile environments, which means they know how to create a toxic area — and how to clean it up if necessary. Their specialized gear lets them safely work with dangerous substances and enter hazardous situations. Some may consider it a punishment to be recruited for this job, but these troopers relish their work, which amounts to poisoning and polluting an area to gain control of it. This trooper has received special training in heat-reactive combustible chemicals as part of his assignment to an elite COBRA® desert assault squad.

“Nothing puts a smile on your face like whipping up a cloud of toxic gas that’ll send the G.I. JOE® team coughing, gasping and running in the other direction.”

Cobra Trooper (Desert, Hostile) Version History

Cobra Trooper (Desert, Hostile) Additional Info


If the G.I. JOE team thinks they’re the only ones tough enough for the desert, then they’d better think again.* COBRA has trained a special desert assault squad that’s meaner than a sack of scorpions and twice as deadly!* G.I. JOE forces are on the way to take down this new threat.* The COBRA team is ready for them with explosives, flamethrowers, and plenty of troopers.* Able to survive in the harshest deserts anywhere on Earth, this COBRA desert assault squad plans to bury the G.I. JOE team in the sand…for good!

Combat is sure to heat up with these detailed COBRA action figures!* Ready to take on desert-hot temperatures in order to claim victory, this set of six battle-ready soldiers comes with weapons and accessories for whatever type of combat you can create.* So gear up and turn up the heat with this awesome assault team!

Set of six action figures comes with lots of accessories for desert adventure in your own living room!* Set includes three COBRA TROOPER figures, two CRIMSON GUARD figures, MAJOR BLUDD figure and accessories.

Contributors: Tony_Bacala, DESTRO

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