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B.A.T. (Arise Serpentor Arise)

Filed under: G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary / Modern - 25th / Modern Cobra Figures

B.A.T. (Arise Serpentor Arise) Figure Data

B.A.T. (Arise Serpentor Arise) Images

  • arise-serpentor-dvd-battle-box B.A.T. (Arise Serpentor Arise)
  • arise-serpentor-dvd-battle-set B.A.T. (Arise Serpentor Arise)
  • BAT-Arise-01 B.A.T. (Arise Serpentor Arise)
  • BAT-Arise-02 B.A.T. (Arise Serpentor Arise)
  • BAT-Arise-03 B.A.T. (Arise Serpentor Arise)
  • BAT-Arise-04 B.A.T. (Arise Serpentor Arise)
  • BAT-Arise-05 B.A.T. (Arise Serpentor Arise)
  • BAT-Arise-06 B.A.T. (Arise Serpentor Arise)
  • BAT-Arise-07 B.A.T. (Arise Serpentor Arise)
  • BAT-Arise-08 B.A.T. (Arise Serpentor Arise)
  • BAT-Arise-09 B.A.T. (Arise Serpentor Arise)
  • BAT-Arise-10 B.A.T. (Arise Serpentor Arise)
  • BAT-Arise-11 B.A.T. (Arise Serpentor Arise)
  • BAT-Arise-12 B.A.T. (Arise Serpentor Arise)
  • BAT-Arise-13 B.A.T. (Arise Serpentor Arise)
  • BAT-Arise-14 B.A.T. (Arise Serpentor Arise)
  • BAT-Arise-15 B.A.T. (Arise Serpentor Arise)
  • Cobra_BAT_DVD B.A.T. (Arise Serpentor Arise)
  • zzz-file-card-071 B.A.T. (Arise Serpentor Arise)
Snake Eyes 12-inch Figure

B.A.T. (Arise Serpentor Arise) File Card Data


Code Name: COBRA. B.A.T.

These android troopers are the perfect COBRA infantry forces. They never question orders, complain about the chow, shirk duty, or surrender. They require no leave time, sick pay or benefits of any kind, and they are cheap and easy to replace. Hit them with multiple rounds of weapons fire and they’ll keep advancing on their targets without missing a beat. But they can’t evaluate changes in battlefield conditions or make independent decisions, so tithe battle shifts and they don’t receive updated orders, they’re liable to fire upon anything that moves, be it friend or foe. Still, they have their uses: send battalions of them to keep the G.I. JOE team busy, and that leaves COBRA operatives to take care of the real mission without any interference.

“They’re essentially walking machine guns, but they can do a whole lot of damage before you hit them with enough firepower to blow them into a pile of circuits.”

B.A.T. (Arise Serpentor Arise) Version History

B.A.T. (Arise Serpentor Arise) Additional Info

Re-enact your favorite scenes from the “Arise, Serpentor, Arise!” with this G.I. JOE Battles pack! Watch the classic G.I. JOE 1980s mini-series DVD and then stage the four included figures and weapon accessories in raging combat!

“Arise, Serpentor, Arise!” DVD mini-series
DR. MINDBENDER plans to create a new leader for the COBRA organization, using the DNA of the world’s most fearsome warriors and rulers of all time. G.I. JOE teams head to tombs around the world to stop COBRA forces from gathering the genetic material of Julius Caesar, Montezuma, Vlad Tepes and other long-dead dictators. Will the mad doctor succeed? Will SERPENTOR arise to take over COBRA? Only the G.I. JOE team can stop this nightmare that threatens to unleash a power-mad ruler on the world!

DVD Battles pack includes 4 action figures and weapon accessories, and the original 1980s min-series “Arise, Serpentor, Arise!” DVD! Includes 1 of five build the M.A.S.S. DEVICE pieces (a different piece included in select DVD Battles packs (each pack sold separately). “Arise, Serpentor, Arise!” DVD comes with SERPENTOR, DUSTY COBRA B.A.T. and Montezuma’s skeleton figures, weapon accessories and 1 M.A.S.S. DEVICE piece.

Contributors: Tony_Bacala, DESTRO

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