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Baroness (Mass Device)

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Baroness (Mass Device) Figure Data

Baroness (Mass Device) Images

  • Baroness-Revenge-of-cobra Baroness (Mass Device)
  • mass-device-battle-pack Baroness (Mass Device)
  • roc-bp- Baroness (Mass Device)
Snake Eyes 12-inch Figure

Baroness (Mass Device) File Card Data


PRIMARY MILITARY SPECIALTY: Intelligence and Sabotage
BIRTHPLACE: Classified

A rich, spoiled aristocrat, the BARONESS understands how to use power to get what she wants. Even as she helps COBRA COMMANDER build his MASS DEVICE machine and take over the world, she’s looking for a way to turn this to her advantage. She’s not afraid to take risks, going deep underwater among huge, carnivorous tube worms to get the rare heavy water before the G.I. JOE team can reach it. The BARONESS is not beyond making a deal with the enemy when necessary: if teaming up with the G.I. JOE team will keep her alive, she’ll do it - then double cross them, of course.

“What good are honor and loyalty - they do not buy you wealth, fame or power. As long as the G.I. JOE team holds onto those foolish ideals, they will never defeat COBRA.”

Baroness (Mass Device) Version History

Baroness (Mass Device) Additional Info

Contributors: Tony_Bacala, DESTRO

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